Denver Eclectics is...a group of bright, interesting and diverse women learning through programs, field trips and life enhancing events. Our goal is to challenge, to have fun and to share with one another. Agreement on issues is not expected, but our tradition of listening and having a civil dialogue and respect for all will be our focus. We also encourage networking so other community opportunities will be available to anyone who is interested. This year, as always, we will enjoy regular day and evening presentations, which are scheduled far in advance so that you can include these programs in your schedule, along with field trips. This letter and agenda will also be here on our website. We will communicate with you via email or announcements at meetings. Please give us your email address if you want to stay informed. Your email will not be shared with any other organizations and it is our main form of contact. The Denver Country Club, our host venue, considers Denver Eclectics in the category of “guests.” Since I have created Denver Eclectics as a friendship/learning group, I am responsible for all our decorum. Denver Eclectics is a large group. We have established Guidelines in accordance with regulations of the Denver Country Club and according to the responsibilities of Denver Eclectics Attendees. These Guidelines are listed in a booklet that accompanies this introduction and the Fall 2018 schedule. All Denver Eclectic Attendees must agree to abide by these Guidelines at all Denver Eclectic functions and this is done by completing the Enrollment Form. CASHING OF YOUR CHECK WILL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR ENROLLMENT APPLICATION. We will no longer have the online RSVP Form; however if you would like to contact our staff, we can send you a private link to use. This link will be for approved Attendees Only.

We continue to hold down our costs but Lee still underwrites some of the expenses. We will continue our dues at *$400 for the 2018-19 Denver Eclectic Season. We will have a wide variety of programs and I hope that you will join us, I guarantee you will learn many exciting things and meet new friends. I think you will agree it is worth your time and money. I personally hope that you will look at the schedule and agree with me that there is not another program in Denver that is as intriguing and varied as Denver Eclectics.

Please return your 2018–19 Enrollment Form and RSVP FORM, no later then Friday, August 17, 2018. Also be ready to start Denver Eclectics on Friday, September 7, 2018.

This year our mantra is : “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is what are we busy about.” ~Henry David Thoreau

We hope you are having a good summer and we look forward to seeing you Friday, September 7th!



“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants.
The question is what are we busy about.”
~Henry David Thoreau

*If you find that $400.00 is a financial hardship please contact the office to adjust accordingly.


The Guidelines ~ 2016-2017


Denver Eclectics is a private organization, which holds private, invitation only events at a private club. Denver Eclectics seeks to provide a pleasant and cooperative learning environment for all Attendees. You agree (for you and any Authorized Guests) that your participation (“enrollment”) at any event is subject to (1) acceptance by Denver Eclectics of your application for enrollment (2) availability of seats at each event (3) full payment for the events and (4) your agreement to comply, and your continued compliance, with all Eclectics Guidelines during the series. By submitting your enrollment application and payment, you indicate that you have received, accept, and agree to comply with, all such Guidelines, or any later adopted. If you are not accepted for enrollment to Denver Eclectics, you will be so notified and your check will be promptly returned. These Guidelines are made part of the Enrollment Application. These are strict rules and Guidelines developed for both Eclectics and the Denver Country Club, and Denver Eclectics reserves the right to decline admission to anyone, either as an Attendee or guest. Furthermore, there are occasional capacity limitations. While Denver Eclectics strives to make its functions available to as many qualified persons as are appropriate, there may be occasions on which admission will be denied. Even though it is entirely private, Denver Eclectics welcomes and selects Attendees and Authorized Guests without regard to race, disability, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry. Cashing of your check will constitute acceptance of your enrollment application.*
*Acceptance of your enrollment does not permit proposed guests to attend. Compliance with guest policy is required before authorized guests will be admitted even if prepayment has been made for a proposed guest


GENERAL COURTESIES: In attending Denver Eclectics programs, you are invited guests of Denver Eclectics and of the Denver Country Club, which is a private club. Denver Eclectics holds private, invitation-only events at the club. How Attendees conduct themselves reflects on Denver Eclectics, and inappropriate conduct can jeopardize Denver Eclectics’ ability to continue to host events at the club. Please be respectful of all Denver Country Club Rules and Policies, and if you have questions or concerns, ask a Denver Eclectics staff person.
NO CELLPHONES OR PDA’S: Cell phones and PDA devices, including iPad’s and other tablets, cannot be used in the Denver Country Club except in a phone booth or in your car.
ATTIRE: Appropriate dress at the Denver Country Club excludes blue jeans, jean skirts, cargo pants, and baseball caps. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone deemed by Denver Eclectics not to be appropriately dressed or otherwise deemed in violation of these Guidelines or Denver Country Club Rules and Policies.
COMPLIANCE WITH DENVER COUNTRY CLUB RULES & POLICIES: You and any guest you bring agree to abide by all rules and policies at the Denver Country Club and to respect the staff and employees of the club. You and any guest you bring agree further to comply with all Denver Country Club rules and policies. If you have complaints or concerns about your service or experience at the Denver Country Club, please bring them to the prompt attention of a Denver Eclectics staff person, who will handle them. Please do not address service or other concerns directly with the Denver Country Club staff or employees.
GUEST POLICY: If room is available you may invite a guest who must be authorized, in advance, by the Denver Eclectics staff. In order for a guest to be authorized, they must be timely named, paid for, and accepted by Denver Eclectics. Upon such acceptance, the Authorized guest shall be deemed to have agreed to the Guidelines, and you, as Attendee, shall be deemed to have agreed to be responsible for your guest's conduct at all times. If your guest does not abide by the Guidelines, Denver Eclectics reserves the right to issue a warning to you and/or your guest, and/or to deny or revoke admission to, or revoke continuing attendance rights at, its programs thereafter. If a guest is not previously named, authorized and paid for, you must request authorization from Denver Eclectics Staff no later than 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the program by providing the guests' name and payment and receiving a confirmation of authorization from Denver Eclectics. Initial payment of the fees for any proposed guest alone does not constitute authorization; rather, Denver Eclectics reserves the right to accept (or not accept) any guest and if not accepted, you will be so notified and the guest fees for that proposed guest will be refunded in accordance with these Guidelines. No guests will be admitted without prior full compliance with these Guidelines, including on the day of the program. You and your guests are responsible for abiding by these Guidelines in all respects. NO PERSON is allowed to take the place of a paying Attendee or Guest without the authorization of Denver Eclectics staff and only if given no later than 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to any given program. Notifications from Denver Eclectics may be made by email, telephone or mail.
MEALS: If you have signed up for a lunch or dinner, or brought an Authorized guest, you must check-in with our staff before you will be served. Meals for which you have paid yet do not attend will only be refunded if you notify Denver Eclectics staff no later then 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the day of the event and comply with any other Refund Policy.
COMMUNITY TABLE MATERIALS: You may bring appropriate non-profit interest items to be shared on the community table. These will be subject to approval by Denver Eclectics Staff.
LATE ARRIVALS/EARLY DEPARTURES: If you come later than 10:00 a.m., please go to the backdoor and sit in the back. If you have to leave early, please sit towards the back of the program area or near the exit and leave discreetly.
QUESTIONS TO SPEAKERS: Any interchange with the presenter needs to be short, concise, respectful, on topic, and in the form of a question.
REFUND POLICY: Except as provided otherwise in these Guidelines, refunds will only be issued if you cancel no later then 2 BUSINESS DAYS before the program for prepaid events including dinners, lunches, and/or field trips (not including Enrollment Fees).
DINNER PROGRAMS: The dinner begins promptly at 6:00 pm. When you arrive you may sit at a community table beginning only 5 minutes before 6:00 pm. At that time, the Denver Country Club staff will serve you water and wine. If you come early, just enjoy talking with each other in the halls to wait for the opening and then come in and be seated.
ATTENDANCE/PAYMENT: Attendees who are accepted and who comply with Denver Eclectics Guidelines are welcome to attend all programs they have signed up and paid for subject to space confirmation for limited space programs/field trips. In the unlikely event your enrollment is revoked or admission to any program is denied to you or any proposed guests, including but not limited due to violation of these Guidelines, refunds for each prepaid event including dinners, lunches, and/or field trips (not including Enrollment Fees) will be returned promptly in accordance with the Refund Policy.
PARKING: Due to parking limitations and in response to a concern by the Denver Country Club, we hereby ENCOURAGE OUR ATTENDEES TO CONSIDER WALKING AND/OR CARPOOLING to attend our programs to allow the Denver Country Club members to find places to park. We are a big group and we are guests of the Denver Country Club!
IN THE EVENT PROGRAM IS CANCELLED: Denver Eclectics and the Denver Country Club shall have no responsibility to refund money for that program; rather, Denver Eclectics will make an effort to reschedule the speaker and program at another date.
PLEASE STAY IN PROGRAM AREA ONLY: You must remain in the area reserved for our programs and meals. Do not enter the remainder of the Denver Country Club without express invitation from a Denver Country Club member or approval from the Denver Eclectics staff.
OTHER MATTERS: No smoking is allowed. Denver Eclectics and The Denver Country Club are not and will not be responsible for any losses or damages to person or personal property. Food and beverages are not permitted to be brought into the club from outside. Alcohol service will only be made to those over 21 and ID may be required and the Denver Country Club and Denver Eclectics reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to anyone.
ROSTER: The Denver Eclectic Roster mailed in October is for the private and personal use of Denver Eclectic Attendees only. Any misuse of this and Denver Eclectics reserves the right to issue a warning, and/or to deny or revoke admission to, or revoke continuing attendance rights at, its programs thereafter.
GUIDELINES COMPLIANCE: If the conduct of any Attendee and/or Authorized Guest, in the reasonable judgment of Denver Eclectics, is deemed to be potentially or actually disruptive to the program or to the experience of the other Attendees, or threatens, or has potential, to undermine or threaten the overall security, safety, or comfort of any Attendee and/or Authorized Guest, or if the conduct or attendance of any Attendee and/or Authorized Guest undermines, jeopardizes, or threatens the rights of Denver Eclectics to continue to host events at any venue where the programs are held, or if any such venue raises concerns about any conduct of an Attendee and/or Authorized Guest or the continued attendance of any Attendee and/or Authorized Guest, including any based on conduct which violates these Guidelines or the rules and policies of the Denver Country Club, or if any Attendee and/or Authorized Guest violates any agreements between the venue and Denver Eclectics, Denver Eclectics reserves the right to issue a warning, and/or to deny or revoke admission to, or revoke continuing attendance rights at, its programs thereafter. Should that occur, no refund will be issued

When we each are responsible, respectful and concerned for everyone’s well-being, we all have a very special experience. Thank you for agreeing to observe these Guidelines and thereby helping us continue to present these wonderful programs!